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Messaging as a Platform

RCS ChatBots

+ Generative pre-trained transformer (GPT)

RCS MaaP is an A2P channel enabling conversation with commerce & automation for retailers, entertainment, airlines, banks, restaurants to healthcare, security & IoT services.

Users benefit from an almost magical link between embedded microservices within modern chat platforms including next generation immersive experiences, enabling AI with GPT for virtual commerce (vCommerce) within livestreams, Cellular IoT for chatbots, gamification within the metaverse, bridging natural human communication with automation & artifical intelligence (AI).

With RCS Business Messaging, it will make you wonder, “why has it taken mankind this long to figure out something this intuitive?”

  • Select your favorite bot category and start chatting.
  • Chat with the bot as
    with any contact
    your list.
  • Send message to
    control your home, retrieve data from fitness devices, or shop through bots!